hopes and dreams

to wine a surf competition.
to have really long hair.|
to live to 30.
die before 43.
try to live a happy life.

I hope I wont be scared to do new things.
I hope I can be a good teen to my mom and dad.
good luck I hope…… I hope. I hope can over come my fears.
I hope I can be a good sister.



first blog ever

i love to go surfing and i love to go to new cool places that i have never been to. its cool cause im learning without knowing it. i like to meet different people with different stories/backgrounds on what they do, like music or surfing or art or singing and dancing and acting and going on tour. we went to the mall and went to a soap store and saw different kinds of soap and cool and interesting smelling soaps. and we also fixed up and painted are surfboards and took them out and i watch netflix and do my hw. and we just moved out of our old space and moved into a nice quiet space called boxjelly. ps we go on different field trips.